Positive Reviews: Why do they matter?

With the holidays in full swing, there is no time more important than now to fill up your Yelp, Google and social media with up-to-date ratings and positive reviews. Today we will be discussing why you should request online reviews, what you can do to cultivate more positive reviews, and how to respond to them.  […]

Jax Favorites: Best Craft Breweries

We are right in the thick of summer, and one of the most refreshing ways to cool down is with a nice, cold adult beverage. Jacksonville boasts a thriving and ever growing craft brewery scene that is sure to have something that meets every beer lover’s palette.  Check out these local craft breweries that we […]

DoorDash Integration

Your food is outstanding! How can you let more people discover this for themselves? What barriers are slowing the flow of orders to your kitchen? Hazlnut can open the floodgates of your delivery orders by leveraging a seamless integration with DoorDash, and we even handle the tedious signup process for you! How will your new […]

Address Verification System (AVS): Fraud Prevention

Combat fraudulent orders with address verification tools As a business, the customer experience is always the number one priority. For customers who order ahead, that experience begins at your website, ordering site or mobile ordering app. In situations where the customer is ordering remotely (not presenting their card in-person), you may run into the risk […]

Increase Ticket Size with Hazlnut

Upsell on Hazlnut Kiosk

“Chips and a drink do sound nice…” is the standard reply when customers are offered an upsell, but you wouldn’t know otherwise if it is never offered in the first place. Employees will occasionally forget during the lunch rush or get caught in a conversation with the customer, and they never get the chance to […]

Keep the Ice Cream Frozen with Hazlnut


Hazlnut’s apps and online ordering has features to help both restaurants and their customers with prep time and ticket printing. “Awesome, my fries were delivered cold” is a phrase said by nobody. Most people like their food nice and fresh. Unfortunately, with the heavy reliance on third-party delivery, a lot of people are having to […]

Menu Management with Hazlnut

Summer is here which means new ingredients and flavors are in season and some menu management is needed. With the changing of the seasons, there are bound to be some menu changes to reflect the new inventory. Ensuring that the offerings online match the offerings in-store will require a bit of clean up and we […]

How Hazlnut can help with catering

Catering spread

After more than a year of video-chat holidays, business meetings with pets on-screen, and virtual schooling, the country is returning to some level of normalcy. Businesses are re-opening, group limits are being lifted, traveling is resuming, and, best of all, we can spend time with loved ones face to face. There is a year’s worth […]

Hazlnut Food Photography Tips

food photography

Hazlnut’s tips for food photography for social media and menu, including tips on framing, props, lighting, plating, and more. In recent posts, we have emphasized how important food photography is on social media and online ordering for customers to see. Research shows that adding photos of the product on an online ordering page can increase […]

Boosting Restaurant’s Social Media Engagement in 2021

Looking back at 2020 one lesson we’ve learned at Hazlnut is the importance of social media and digital branding. We are on our phones more than ever giving restaurants a unique opportunity to reach more customers and sell not only food, but a social experience through digital marketing. With the crazy year we have had […]