As customer expectations in restaurants change, businesses have to work harder to keep up.

Customer Expectations in Restaurants are Changing: Here’s How to Keep Up

Keeping up with changing customer expectations in restaurants is not just a good practice—it’s a must. As the industry evolves, so do the wants and demands of your patrons. This blog aims to guide restaurant owners and leadership teams on how to adapt and exceed these expectations to thrive in an ever-competitive business.

1. Embrace Technology to Meet Customer Expectations in Restaurants

One major trend that is quickly gaining traction is the adoption of technology in restaurants. Customers are not just looking for great food and service; they want an easy and tech-savvy dining experience. There are many new technologies being used, like artificial intelligence in restaurants. Here are a few ways you can use technology to meet these changing expectations:

A restaurant owner keeps up with changing customer expectations in restaurants by offering online ordering, and he smiles as he sees an incoming order come through on his point of sale system.

AI-Powered Text Ordering

Today’s customers are becoming more and more tech-savvy. They want the convenience of ordering food at their fingertips, and text ordering is quickly becoming a favorite option. With AI-powered text ordering solutions, like the one offered by Hazlnut, you can stay ahead of the trend.

By adding AI-powered text ordering for restaurants, you’re not only meeting current customer expectations but also getting ready for the future. Customers will come to expect this level of convenience and personalization in their dining experience. And this technology allows them to place orders, customize their meals, and get real-time updates via text messages, all without the need for dedicated staff to handle the process. It’s a win-win for both your business and your tech-savvy customers.

HazlVoice Pro is Hazlnut’s own AI-powered text-ordering system. It integrates with the Hazlnut online ordering system and your point of sale system to read your menu and start taking orders by text with little work for your restaurant. Start taking more orders without having to take additional staff time managing them with HazlVoice: Pro.

2. Enhance the Digital Ordering Experience

Beyond text ordering, improving the overall digital ordering experience is vital to staying relevant. Ensure that your website and mobile apps are user-friendly, with clear menus, high-quality images, and straightforward ordering processes. Allow customers to customize their orders, make special requests, and choose their preferred delivery or pickup options.

Implementing secure and convenient payment options is also crucial. Customers expect the ability to pay online and the option to save their payment information for future orders. Streamlining the checkout process and ensuring data security can significantly enhance the overall digital ordering experience.

3. Personalization Is Key to Meet Customer Expectations in Restaurants

Customers increasingly expect a personalized dining experience. Use technology to gather and analyze data on customer preferences and behavior. This information can help you tailor your offerings, such as recommending dishes based on previous orders or sending personalized promotions to loyal customers.

4. Transparency and Communication

Customers value transparency in their dining experience. Provide real-time updates on order status, estimated delivery times, and any delays. If there are issues or delays, communicate proactively and offer solutions or compensation. Consistent and transparent communication can help manage customer expectations in restaurants more effectively.

A woman sits and stares at her phone on her couch, frustrated as she tries to get more information from a restaurant but can't find a convenient way to do so. As customer expectations in restaurants change, it will become more and more important to provide easy access to information.

5. Quick, Convenient Access to Information

Customers expect convenience in everything. You should offer as much information as you can on your website and social platforms, but there will always be more questions than you can account for.

For example, more customers are looking for dietary and allergen information on menus. Make sure your menu clearly lists ingredients, allergens, and nutritional information. This can really improve the dining experience for those with specific dietary needs.

However, for the questions you can’t always answer, HazlVoice and HazlVoice: Pro are both able to answer questions using its AI-powered engine. You’ll be able to direct more callers to text your restaurant for quick, convenient answers to their questions rather than waiting on hold. And, your staff will save time picking up the phone to answer the same question they’ve answered five times today!

6. Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Customers are increasingly concerned about sustainability and ethical practices in the restaurant industry. Highlight your commitment to using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients and your efforts to reduce waste and energy consumption. This can resonate with environmentally conscious diners.

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The industry is evolving, and customer expectations in restaurants are changing rapidly. Embracing technology, offering personalization, enhancing transparency, and catering to dietary preferences are essential to meet these evolving expectations. Moreover, the growing demand for text ordering and AI-powered solutions is something to watch closely. By staying ahead of these trends and leveraging them to your advantage, you can ensure your restaurant remains a favorite among both loyal and tech-savvy customers.

To get HazlVoice Pro’s AI-powered text ordering at your restaurant, click here to schedule a call with our team and get started!


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