Want to know how to grow a restaurant business? Here are a few tips!

How to Grow a Restaurant Business: Simple Tips for Big Growth

Ever dreamt of making your restaurant the talk of the town? Growing your restaurant isn’t just about opening more locations. It’s about getting more people to fall in love with your food, talking up your place, and keeping those cash registers ringing. Here’s a simple and straightforward guide for restaurant bosses who are looking into how to grow a restaurant business.

Dive Into the Digital World

Let’s face it, if you’re not online, you’re invisible. A strong online presence is a crucial step on how to grow a restaurant business. Embrace the digital age with open arms. Use social media to showcase what makes your place special. Those drool-worthy dish photos? Post them. The behind-the-scenes fun? Share it. Run contests, share promo codes, and interact with your followers to turn them into real-life customers.

And remember, a website that pops up first on Google is your best friend. Make sure your website is easy to find and use keywords like “best pizza in town” so when someone’s looking, they find you first. And, make sure your site is so user-friendly, a caveman could book a table. Use buttons (called a call-to-action by some) that stand out in a pleasing way on your website. For an example, check out the big, orange Schedule Demo button in the top right corner of our site. 😉

Shake Up Your Menu

Your menu is your billboard. Keep it fresh and exciting by introducing new items or giving a twist to the old favorites. You don’t need to redo the whole thing – just a few tweaks here and there can make a world of difference. Ever thought about a guest chef night, or maybe a ‘secret menu’ that only the insiders know about? Maybe add a limited-time offer or a seasonal dish. It’s all about creating buzz and giving people a reason to choose you over the couch. And don’t forget to listen to your customers; their favorites and feedback are like gold dust for keeping your menu vibrant and relevant.

Happy Customers Come Back

Achieving customer satisfaction is central to understanding how to grow a restaurant business. And the golden rule? A happy customer is a repeat customer, so make sure every customer leaves happy. It’s the little things that count – greeting guests by name or remembering their favorite dish. You can really wow them by offering memorable experiences, even as simple as a quick tour of the kitchen.

One way to grow a restaurant business is to keep guests coming back by providing them with unforgettable experiences, like this waiter is doing as they serve a slice of cake with candles to the birthday girl!

Empower your staff to make those small gestures that leave a big impression. Also, train them to provide top-notch service that makes guests feel special and to handle any hiccups with grace. This ensures that even a less-than-perfect experience can be turned around. A friendly chat, a quick fix for a mistake, or a surprise on the house can turn a good visit into a great one.

Tech to the Rescue

In a world where we track our steps, why not track what makes your customers tick? A modern point of sale system can tell you more than just sales; it can pinpoint your hits and misses. Online booking for reservations? Make it seamless. Online ordering? Make it fast.

Use tech to understand what your customers love through reviews and feedback. This way, you can keep doing what works and fix what doesn’t. And don’t overlook the power of an app – it puts your restaurant right in their pocket. Don’t put off adding new tech, some of the most profitable restaurants are seeing massive success because of the tech they’ve added to their business. Artificial intelligence, or AI in the restaurant industry is really making waves, recently.

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Be the Brand Everyone Loves

Building a strong, memorable brand is crucial for those wanting to grow a restaurant business. Your restaurant is more than just a place to eat – it’s a brand, and your brand is your story. Make sure your look, feel, and message are consistent everywhere, from your decor, your uniforms, your Instagram posts, to your menu design. What makes your restaurant unique? Is it your farm-to-table ingredients, your grandma’s secret recipes, or your commitment to sustainability? Whatever it is, share your story and what makes you special.

Participating in local events, collaborating with other businesses, and hosting unique experiences at your restaurant can help embed your brand into the fabric of your community.

Another way to grow a restaurant business is to become an integral part of your community.

Get Involved Locally and Give Back

Speaking of community, being a good neighbor can help your business grow. And for many, community is everything. Whether it’s sponsoring a little league team, hosting charity dinners, or setting up a booth at the local fair, getting involved gives people another reason to love you. Join local festivals, offer fundraising opportunities, or collaborate with nearby businesses. Hosting fun events like cooking classes or wine nights can also draw in the locals and give them another reason to love your place.

It’s not just about selling food; it’s about building relationships and becoming a staple of community life. Don’t believe us? Here’s an article from all the way back in 2020 by FSR Magazine on how important it is to a successful restaurant strategy.

Always Be Ready to Change

The restaurant world is as fickle as it is thrilling. Keep an eye on what’s hot and what’s not. Stay on your toes by keeping an eye on trends, listening to your customers, and being brave enough to try new things. Maybe it’s a new food trend, a sustainability practice, or a technology that makes dining with you an experience they can’t get anywhere else. The key is to keep evolving without losing sight of what makes you, you. And remember, staying ahead of the game keeps you in the game.

How to Grow a Restaurant Business

Making your restaurant a smashing success is all about getting more people to love what you do. With these simple tips, you can attract new customers, keep them coming back, and build a buzz that gets everyone talking. Remember, it’s all about creating awesome experiences, one plate at a time.

We hope these tips on how to grow a restaurant business have given you some great ideas on what you can do to grow yours! As a reminder, if you’re looking to improve your restaurant’s ordering, we have a suite of options, including our All-In plan, which includes a custom online ordering site AND mobile app with push notifications and a loyalty program, PLUS our AI-powered text message ordering system for one monthly fee per location! Excited to learn more? Get some more info and schedule a demo here!

This guide is a starting point; it’s important to tailor these strategies to fit the unique context of your restaurant. The key is in constant adaptation and striving for improvement in this competitive industry.


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