HazlVoice for Restaurants

Make phone ordering more efficient with new AI-powered texting and text ordering and call deflection.

The Benefits

Choose a plan that is right for your team




*per month per store

Increase the amount of orders per minute.

Shift customer expectations – Stay ahead of the curve.

Improve order accuracy – Give your customer autonomy over their ordering experience.

With the press of a button, customers can be texted your online ordering link




*per month per store

Your custom AI bot answers customer questions through the convenience of text.

Spend less time answering questions on the phone.

Reduce wait times for other customers trying to call your restaurant.

Save on wage costs by saving staff time spent on the phone.

Give customers a convenient way to get answers to their questions.




*per month per store

Automated ordering: Take orders by text message with a bot who has your menu memorized.

Offer a new, convenient way for customers to order.

Reduce wage costs with HazlVoice Pro handling orders by text.

Upsell offers to call-in customers to increase average ticket size.

25% higher profits per order (on average)

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