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Voice Ordering for Restaurants Creates an Ordering Bottleneck

Running a restaurant today is no easy feat, and your time and your staff’s time is precious. One of the most time-consuming tasks your staff deals with is taking orders over the phone. Not only does it take time away from other important tasks, but it can also lead to a bottleneck in the order flow and ultimately cost you money. Luckily, voice ordering for restaurants can be transformed by automating orders placed over the phone.

Placing a to-go order over the phone has been a popular option for customers for years. However, it can be an inefficient way for your staff to process orders, especially during peak hours. In fact, an average of 18% of calls are missed by restaurants, and it’s estimated that 3 out of 4 callers are trying to place an order. That’s a lot of missed revenue and unhappy customers!

With voice ordering, your staff can only talk to one person at a time. This can lead to long wait times on hold for customers trying to place their orders. The average hold time for restaurants is over a minute, and when your customers are hungry, this is too long. According to a study by Arise, nearly two-thirds of respondents are only willing to wait two minutes or less before hanging up. They may leave feeling extremely frustrated and dissatisfied, ultimately leading to lost revenue for your restaurant.

Additionally, when your staff takes orders over the phone, they may mishear an order or write it down incorrectly. This can lead to mistakes in the order, which can be costly both in terms of lost revenue and customer satisfaction. Customers who receive an incorrect order are likely to be dissatisfied with their experience and may not return to your restaurant.

How Can Voice Ordering for Restaurants be Improved? Automation.

To address these issues, Hazlnut has developed HazlVoice: Lite, a solution that allows customers to request a text message from your phone tree that will link them to your online ordering site. This means that customers can place their orders online, at their own pace, without having to talk to anyone.

Not only does this save time for your staff, but it also eliminates the need for customers to be put on hold or worry about being judged for their order. Judgment-free ordering can help customers feel comfortable ordering more than they would when speaking with your staff, leading to higher average ticket sizes.

Equally importantly, customers are able to take their time placing their order, ensuring that they get exactly what they want. This can lead to increased satisfaction and repeat business. Additionally, because the order is placed online, your staff can easily see and confirm the order, reducing the risk of mistakes in the order.

How Does it Work?

With HazlVoice: Lite, your phone will answer customer calls and ask if they’d like to order online. They can request a text message that will provide them with your online ordering link. Once received, they can place their order online, choosing exactly what they want without fear of being judgment. They can also take their time to make sure their order is correct and complete before submitting it. This means that your staff can focus on other important tasks. Meaning, they can better prepare orders, keep the restaurant clean, and spend time with dine-in guests.

Voice ordering for restaurants, Hazlnut setup in 3 easy steps:
1. Enter your number, online ordering link, and choose a new number.
2. Update your number wherever it appears online.
3. Relax, sit back, and enjoy the silence.
Picture of mobile phone with an audio queue that says "Press 1 to Order Online." In the text chain from Ted's Tacos, the first message says "Hey, Thanks for calling Ted's Tacos! Sorry our phone lines are busy. You can now place your order via our online app!"
The next message says "Please Click below to start your order!" and provides a link to the online ordering site.

Setting up HazlVoice: Lite is extremely easy. First, you input your current phone number and choose a new one from a list of available local numbers. Then you can choose your desired message or upload a recording. You can even add additional options to the phone tree to route callers to the right place. Once you have HazlVoice: Lite set up, all you need to do is update your number where it appears. By shifting more phone orders online, your restaurant can streamline its order process, reduce errors, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Voice ordering for restaurants can be transformed with the help of automation and text messaging. HazlVoice: Lite allows customers to place orders conveniently and accurately without having to speak to anyone. This saves time for your staff and eliminates bottlenecks in the order flow, ultimately leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Incorporating text messaging into your restaurant’s ordering process could be just the solution you need. Your staff will thank you for the time it saves, and customers will thank you for its convenience and accuracy. Schedule a demo of HazlVoice: Lite to see how much more efficient your ordering process can be!


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