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Solve Labor Shortages with Hazlnut

Here at Hazlnut, we have been hearing about the stress of finding ways to solve labor shortages from our customers across the United States. 

“The coronavirus pandemic caused one of the biggest disruptions to the American labor force in modern history. The Great Resignation saw 47 million people leaving their jobs voluntarily, with impacts on the food service and hospitality industries still being felt.” – Clover

Solve Labor Shortages With Alternative Staffing Solutions

As a startup ourselves, each of our employees has experienced wearing many hats, similar to restaurant owners, and we certainly empathize with you. We’re here to help you solve the labor shortage you might be facing via alternative staffing solutions. We could even add an employee or two to your business…

Help Wanted: Host/Hostess

One of the most common problems we are hearing with the current labor shortage is wasted capacity of one or two employees having to answer the phone.

HazlVoice: Lite acts as a bridge between the customer and the restaurant. If customers are looking to place an order, HazlVoice: Lite solves that problem by giving users the option to be texted an online ordering link with the click of a single button.

Through the use of HazlVoice: Lite, we’ve seen phone traffic to the restaurant reduced by 20% to 30%. On top of that, HazlVoice: Lite frees up employee time to fill more orders rather than constantly picking up the phone and can boost your bottom line by moving more orders to a lower cost, higher margin channel.

Now Hiring: Cashier/Server

Another common complaint we are hearing in the industry is the need for cashiers to manage long lines within restaurants. Again, this is essentially forcing restaurants to hire employees to work up front instead of solving the labor shortage on the back end.

One of the best ways to alleviate this issue would be by installing Hazlnut Kiosks within your restaurants. Our kiosks help eliminate lines and free up more time for each of your cashiers. We even have some clients who implement multiple kiosks in each location, essentially eliminating the need for a cashier altogether. 

“The rebuilding of the restaurant and foodservice workforce is being hampered by the most severe labor shortage on record.” – NRA

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are even beginning to take notice of the rampant labor shortages as well. Phone calls are being missed and people are being put on hold, leading to a poor experience and fewer return visits (on top of the revenue you could be missing out on from missed calls).

Our mission at Hazlnut is to enhance the customer experience by reducing friction in the ordering process. With the ever-changing world we live in, we must constantly find new ways to adapt and grow with our loyal customers.

To learn more about HazlVoice: Lite, schedule a demo with our team today.


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