DoorDash Integration

Your food is outstanding! How can you let more people discover this for themselves? What barriers are slowing the flow of orders to your kitchen? Hazlnut can open the floodgates of your delivery orders by leveraging a seamless integration with DoorDash, and we even handle the tedious signup process for you!

How will your new DoorDash orders appear?

When you take advantage of our DoorDash integration, you empower customers to place DoorDash delivery orders through your custom branded app and web ordering services, with the same ease as any other order. Likewise, your kitchen staff can prepare the order exactly like a standard Pickup; the only difference is that a friendly, neighborhood Dasher will soon arrive to handle the delivery for you. Don’t stress about adding a tablet just to process DoorDash orders, let our integration handle it!

What does it cost?

For each order you fulfill through this integration, you will need to cover a flat $8 fee. That’s it! If this cost seems excessive for your business to cover alone, you can share that cost with your customer. Simply include a delivery fee of your own, either a flat fee or one based on the price of the order. Many of our clients split the difference, charging a $4 fee on the order and covering the remaining $4 themselves, while others have decided to charge a percentage of the subtotal. By allowing a 20% fee from the larger orders to cover for the smaller ones, it all evens itself out in the end!  

How do you get started?

To begin leveraging DoorDash delivery, simply create a new Order Type through your Hazlnut Dashboard. Select “DoorDash” from the Order Type dropdown, and enter the Display Name that your customers will see. Choose which Hour Set this should be available, and assign a Fee if desired. Check out this article for a more in-depth breakdown of the integration setup.

Once this is created to your liking, just reach out to our team at to provide your payment information and finalize your DoorDash setup.

Break down one more barrier for potential customers to experience your product; add DoorDash Delivery to your app today!


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