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Ordering food through an app and online should be a simple and easy process. It’s frustrating for a customer who is picking up food when it’s not ready or even worse, hasn’t even been made yet. Nowadays, customers expect to have order tracking available as part of any online or mobile ordering app.

With order tracking, we help companies do their part in preventing customer frustration with app and ordering online ordering. Ensuring a smoother experience is Hazlnut’s goal, and order tracking is just one small, but very helpful part of that. A customer placing their order online or via the app can track their order statuses by clicking a link in their emailed receipt, or they can opt-in to receive text messages…

How to update the order status

This tool is available to all employees with access to your in-store POS. From the Hazlnut app, they can give the customer various updates on their order status on eligible orders.

These statuses are customizable, with a recommended range of no less than 3 and no more than 5 steps. On top of that, we’ve added the ability to let the customer know if anything has changed via a Special Note.

These our a few of our recommended statuses:
Order Received/Order Placed (automatically generates when your POS receives the order information)
Making Your Order/Preparing Your Order (the kitchen is preparing the order)
Queued for Driver/Finishing Touches (driver is on their way or you’re packing up the food)
Out for Delivery/Ready for Pickup (order is on the way or ready to be in the customers hands)
Special Notes: __________ (if you ran out of an ingredient, driver encountered traffic, or are taking longer than usual to prepare the order)

Text updates

With text messaging enabled, customers can receive text updates each time their order status is changed. With the simple push of a button at checkout, customers can opt-in or opt-out of the text feature. Either way, you’ll be able to send text updates through the emailed receipt for those who decide to opt-out.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about the texting abilities and the current cost per text delivered.

In conclusion, the ability to track a food order is something all customers want the ability to do once an order is placed. There’s comfort knowing their food is being prepared quickly and it’ll be ready on time.

For more information email sales@hazlnut.com or to schedule a demo click here.


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