Meet the Team! Ben – Account Executive

Today we’re joined by another one of our Account Executives: Ben!

We appreciate getting a chance to get to know you better…

You’re welcome. Happy to be here!

Before joining the Hazlnut Treehouse, what were you doing?

In my previous role, I worked for 3Plains Digital Marketing Agency! 3Plains is a collaborative group of individuals within the outdoors industry, dedicated to those clientele that wish to take their outdoor marketing and design to the next level. 

Before that I was actually living in Texas (where I grew up) and was working for Texas Solids Control, a contractor for Halliburton. I was working in the oilfield in West Texas and New Mexico.

Such an interesting background… How do you feel your role at 3Plains prepared you for your role at Hazlnut?

I worked on the website support and digital marketing side at 3Plains working directly with business owners. This gave me great tech experience, as well as taught me how to work with small and medium size business owners. I enjoy working at Hazlnut because it allows me to help business owners solve problems on a daily basis. 

I can only imagine it might’ve been difficult moving from Texas to Florida? What do you miss most about Texas?

It has been a pretty smooth transition from Texas, it is a nice change. The weather is so much better in Florida. The one thing that I miss most about Texas is my parents and younger brother still live there. I have been trying to convince them to move to Florida. 

They should make the move, it’s not terribly far! How did your journey to join Hazlnut come about?

I found Hazlnut on AngelList, a startup job website. I recognized the name Hazlnut from a local restaurant I visit frequently called, Juicebox. It was a cool experience, I downloaded the Juicebox app and noticed it was powered by Hazlnut. I researched Hazlnut and was impressed by such innovative software, I reached out, and was very excited to get an opportunity to work for a SaaS company. 

That’s awesome! It’s great having an employee who used our service before becoming an ambassador of it.

Definitely! It’s pretty cool to see how the online ordering software and apps come together, and be a part of a team that works to help businesses like Juicebox succeed.

Do you have any advice for young professionals who may be changing their career path like you did? 

Take the leap! I always like trying new things and took a chance joining Hazlnut. I did not have a lot of SaaS experience but have grown and learned so much about the restaurant industry as well as the sales process. 

We’re glad you took that leap! Besides helping restaurants grow with Hazlnut’s SaaS products, do you have any hobbies?

In my free time, I love spending time outdoors. I enjoy playing golf with friends and have a passion for photography. I signed up for a beach volleyball league this week, which should be fun!

That does sounds like fun!

Thanks, wish me luck!

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