How Hazlnut Halts App Fatigue

App fatigue is something most people don’t actively think about, but it affects everybody. Users don’t want to download new apps and delete apps that they no longer see value in. We are constantly evaluating the causes of app fatigue and how to ensure our apps never fall victim to it.

Fighting App Fatigue

App fatigue is an interesting concept but one that is a significant threat to the app development industry. When it comes to apps for restaurants, it takes both the developer and restaurant working together to overcome the fatigue. As developers, we need to be at the top of our game, ensuring that what we build has modern top-of-the-line features and functionality. Marketing and customer engagement is essential. The perfect storm to fight app fatigue is combining a fully-loaded app that the restaurant is involved with .

Hazlnut’s Contribution

Our part is to build a cutting-edge, mobile ordering app for restaurants that makes the customers feel like there is value to having it. We look at industry leaders like Starbucks and Chick-fil-a to draw inspiration for features we add to our apps. Using this research, we regularly update our apps to keep them feeling modern with parts that fit today’s needs. We also use feedback from both the restaurants and their customers, who use the apps, to enhance our offer. We track the trends of what customers want and try to add them as quickly as we can.

Restaurant’s Contribution

With Hazlnut keeping the app in tip-top shape, the responsibility to get customers engaged on the app falls on the restaurant. A big hurdle of app fatigue is getting the customer to download the app first, so marketing is vital. Here in the office, we have a shared folder of some of the cleverest ways we have seen restaurants market their app. This has prepared us to help our clients market the app to theirs. Once the customer has the app installed, it is essential to keep them using it regularly and using it to the fullest potential. Push notifications sent out to targeted guest segments at optimal times can keep the app top of mind for the customer.

Conquering App Fatigue

App fatigue is a genuine problem, but with Hazlnut and a restaurant’s forces combined, it will never stand in the way of success on our platform. We have developed the tools needed to overcome app fatigue and encourage restaurants to team up with us to implement the resources. Tools like targeted push notification, easy reordering, and loyalty points. Once hooked customers will stay on the app to take advantage of loyalty points. If you would like to learn about more features Hazlnut offers contact


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