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We Think You’ll Dig Hazlnut

We Think You’ll Dig Hazlnut

Meet Hazlnut, the company that is helping to bring new-age technology to the small businesses in their community. Today, people expect to have access to restaurants and retail stores on the web.

Hazlnut is an all-in-one integrated solution that helps companies develop relationships with their customers through beautifully designed websites and custom branded apps. With Hazlnut, small businesses deepen relationships and customer loyalty with branded apps and custom websites, seamlessly integrated with your PoS.

“We’ve all ordered food online or other goods through our phones. We want to empower small brands to compete with national brands. We’re out there fighting for the little guys,” said Steven Edwards, Co-Founder at Hazlnut.

With a background in mechanical engineering, Steven Edwards has always had a desire to create something. After seeing the growth of iPhones and smartphones, Edwards saw the potential of having businesses reach their customers through the phones in their pockets.

dig hazlnut

“I had some background in coding and wanted to make apps for the digital economy. Hazlnut has grown in the last 3 years to where we now have an investor and a team of mentors at PS27 Ventures helping us to grow our company,” said Edwards.  

Richard Sikes, Co-Founder at Hazlnut, has a different story. Sikes has a background in Finance and holds a CFA. He found that in his finance career, he was using software to automate basic tasks.

“With software, if you can envision it you can build it. I have a lot of fun with what we’re doing. What we do is we come in and help lift up small businesses to compete with bigger brands like Starbucks and Chipotle,” said Richard.  

Hazlnut connects restaurants directly to customers through ecommerce, online sales, and point of sale kiosks. This saves time for employees so that they don’t have to pick up the phone as often and can focus on who they are serving in stores. Wait time decreases and every order can be filled faster. Hazlnut has been in business for 3 years and continues to grow. To follow their story and find out if you dig Hazlnut or request a demo please visit Hazlnut.com


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